Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is the big one, Elizabeth!

Monday morning. I could put it off no longer, all of the warm-up organization projects had been completed. It was time to take on the big dog. Time to open the door that has stayed closed for almost a year and a half: the door to The Office. A sense of dread overcame me as I turned the handle, pushed open the door, and beheld the disaster area that prompted one of my friends who saw the Before photo on Twitter to say, "...Looks like a rainbow threw up in there...Very colorful," so that was the bright side which I was, in that moment, challenged to see.

Where to begin? I thought it might be best to sit and look around the room before beginning, but even navigating safe passage to one of the TWO office chairs in there was a dangerous business. All of the previous projects had clear starting points, and a clear place to put everything while it was being organized (the bed, the counter) but not this time. I was absolutely frozen in overwhelm mode. I didn't even think to bring in trash and donation bags. My brain was blown! All I could think to do was start picking things up off the seat to identify and sort.

And that is how I started. It was a tiny, baby step, but it was a step. I found a bag to use for garbage, another to use for stuff to shred, and a box for donations. Before I knew what had happened, I could actually see the very dusty top of the desk! I was in glee-filled shock! I ignored all the rest of the mess around me, dusted it, and organized the items that deserved a perch on such a shiny, clean desktop. Upon completion of that project I was elated and allowed myself a Twitter/ Lunch break. The instant encouragement I received after posting that I had found the top of the desk gave me the adrenaline to get back in there and tackle the rest of the mess.

It all seemed to go faster once the desk was done. I was able to corral all of the stamp collection and related paraphernalia inherited from my sweetheart's grandfather into a few Rubbermaid containers of various sizes. That was so much easier than I had anticipated, I couldn't believe it! Next it was time to make room on the shelves for the towering stacks of CDs that threatened to topple over on top of someone at any moment. In order to do that, most of the VHS tapes had to go. Why did we even still have VHS tapes? We have DVDs coming out our ears, too! Where does it end? It ends when I run out of space to put it all away neatly. That's where! If it didn't fit, it was out the door! Take no prisoners! No mercy! Hear me roar!

And roar, I did! I filled boxes and bags I rolled out the extra chair for donation. I shelved, boxed, and re-hung everything that was left. I dusted, put the closet curtain back up, ran the vacuum, stood back at the end of a very long day and admired the room that had once been my favorite, and which I could now love again: The Office.


  1. holy shit
    your cleaning and your writing are spot on
    look at http://wyrants.blogspot.com/2012/07/waiting.html worked on it a little more

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it. Headed over to yours now.

  3. Looks nice! I know how much work that was, and I am proud of you for tackling it all. See you soon!!