Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dream Shoes

Michele and Mel have brought us yet another fun challenge this week.  It took me a while to wrap my head around this one, but as soon as I did I wondered what took me so long!

‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt #13

In 57 words or less, tell us about whose shoes you’d like to walk in for a day.

The Lucky Girl: all I have is all I need.
Classic Converse One-Stars.
Preppy, plaid Sperry top-siders carry me
comfortably, carefully through each day.
But just once, I'd like to flash the tell-tale sexy, scarlet sole -
my Leboutin dream shoe,
as I smolderingly saunter out of a room,
leaving everyone whispering in my wake.

Photo from meme-pictures.feedio.net

Photo from www.global-customer.com

Photo frommirrorofmyworld.blogspot.com