Sunday, July 8, 2012

Conquering the Clutter

After being sidelined with a migraine for a couple of days, I rushed back into the Challenge ready to conquer the clutter all over my house. First on the list was the walk-in closet I share with my sweetheart. Now here's the thing about sharing a closet, it is a serious commitment. Some might call me a little O.C.D.. Where they get that idea, I am challenged to know. I like my closet color coded, shirts hung by sleeve length and collar style within the color, bras hung neatly, shoes in cubbies, what's the issue? My sweetheart, on the other hand, is challenged to know (or care) how to hang things properly on a hanger. Walking into our closet and seeing his stuff makes me mental, but I love him like crazy, so I look the other way until I can't take it anymore and then rehang everything the right way and he pretends to try to maintain it long enough to make me happy. See? Commitment.

So the first order of business was to get all of the big boxes down from the high shelves and get rid of most of the stuff in them. Stuff on the high shelves is on the high shelves because we never need it or use it. Out it went! That did away with the need for four of the five boxes from up high! Yippee empty space!

Next I hit the clothes with a vengeance! Recently I have lost some weight, but I still have most of the clothes the I bought when I needed bigger sizes. They went into one of three Donate bags. If I didn't love it, need it, or wear it, it had to go! I filled three bags of various sizes and made enough room to free up an entire section in the closet. Woo hoo! Everything went back in by color, collar, and sleeve making me a happy girl. A bag full of shoes left the building, I found at least two pairs of super cute flip flops that are just begging to be worn, and got rid of some that have never been worn at all. Sweetheart's clothes are neatly hung by sleeve and style. I let the color coding go with his stuff, you have to pick your battles.

Six or so hours after I started, the donation bags were full, the closet was clean, the clothes were organized, and all was right in my little corner of the world. That could only mean one thing: cocktail time! Tomorrow would bring the kitchen conundrum.


  1. NICE work on the closet! I am so tempted to mess with the pink and green hanger pattern, but I'm sure you would figure out it was me. I miss sharing an office with you when at least half of everything in the room looked neat. :)

  2. Thanks, Linda! Those were the days!

  3. Love, LOVE!!! Can't wait to read all about the kitchen!