Friday, July 15, 2016

Guest Post: Two Weeks Post Op

This is Amy's Dad.  Guest posting because she asked me to. Not sure Wy.

So Amy has been home for 2 weeks today. 2 weeks. And she continues to amaze. She is doing so well. Her last drain (of 4) "fell out" Sunday night. No more drains. She did a little Yoga last evening.
She must get her positive attitude from her Mother. It is serving her so well and we are so happy about it.

Going to have to have Chemo. Preventative. We'll know more later this week. Surgery seems to have "got it all." All of us feeling so blessed.

Since Jenn left, Sandi has stayed the night mostly to supervise pain meds, drains, etc. and has taken great care of our girl.  I've taken a few shifts as Night Nurse and Amy says I am progressing nicely.

So much thanks to so many people for all the food, gifts, positive thoughts, and prayers. You have been such a help to our bodies and our spirits. This is going much better than we ever thought. Thank you. Thank you.

Amy will write her own update soon.

Thank you for all of your love and support.



  1. You can feel the love in his post...brought a tear to my eye. Sending hugs & lots of prayers!!