Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn Ketchup

In celebration of the changing of the seasons, Michele and Mel have tossed us a new prompt this week.
In 57 words or less ... what for you personally 
signals the coming of Fall? 

Driving around town
With the car top down,
Music cranked up high, 
not a cloud in the sky.
Refreshing, cool breeze,
Rather than the sweltering blistering, 
Blazing, intense unmistakable Florida summer sun.
Finally making a trip from Point A to Point B, 
Top down, without sweating out half my body weight.
First sign of Autumn in Florida.

Thank you, to our lovely hosts for allowing me to play feature blogger this time! I felt like I won the lottery!  Y'all are the best!
Ketchup again soon!