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Crazy Good Chicken Liver Pate'
(I would never have believed it until I tried this!)

My parents have always loved fried chicken livers.  We ate them all the time when I was a kid with the requisite white gravy, of course.  I was never a particular fan.  They also loved pate'.  Again, me? Not so much.  But on our latest father-daughter summer vacation my dad ordered fried chicken livers at our favorite coffee shop and they were insanely good!  He ordered them with the plan of bringing home the last three so he could make pate'.  After the first bite at lunch, I was on board for giving pate' a second chance.  Once he told me how he made it, I took over the process and put my own spin on it.  (I have a way of doing that in the kichen.)  He said it was excellent.  I thought it was crazy good, and I actually found myself disappointed when we went out for dinner the next night instead of being able to snack on pate' with a cocktail at home. 
If you can score a few good fried chicken livers, give this a try.  I promise it will blow your mind! Seriously!
Let me know how it works for you!


3-4 Good sized fried chicken livers
4 Tbsp Butter at room temperature
1 Clove Garlic
1/4 of one small red onion
Pinch of Season Salt
Pinch of Black Pepper
Dash of hot sauce
3-6 Tbsp Bourbon (more or less to taste)
Splash of Chicken Broth to loosen mix in food processor - more as needed.


Rough chop livers, onion, garlic, and put into food processor with butter, salt & pepper. 
Begin to pulse food processor.
Add bourbon one Tablespoon at a time to help mixture combine.
Splash in chicken broth as needed to soften mixture.
Scrape sides and continue to pulse, add liquid, and seasoning until mixture is creamy.

Serve with crackers and enjoy!

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