Saturday, June 30, 2012

On challenges

If challenges were easy, they'd be called something else. Everyone knows that we have to face challenges and overcome them in order to grow and become stronger. We face challenges every day, some tiny and some that seem insurmountable. Maintaining a blog, for me, falls toward the Mount Everest side of the scale, but I am receiving a great deal of encouragement, so I'll keep at it.

A challenge that is more my speed in which I have participated for the last few months is the Instagram #photoadaychallenge set up by blogger, fat mum slim. Check out my blog roll to follow her for yourself and play. I am going to try to link my #photoaday to my blog, and may even use it as a jumping off point for the blog each day. I love taking and sharing the photos, so it seems like a good place to start. The photo for the last day of June was "Friend" and I went a little outside the box in my thinking. Are you surprised? Have you met me? This is my photo. (I hope.)

This was an awesome little roadside dive in Sylva, NC where many locals have lunched for years. They only had two tables inside, so you either made friends very quickly, as is often the way in the South, or you found a seat inthe shade at one of the few picnic tables outside, or you ate in your car. However you chose to eat, you would be glad you chose The Burger Shack!

Download the #photoadaychallenge or just come back here for a visit, and join me on the journey.

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