Thursday, December 6, 2012

Betty Foolishness - El Guapo's Birthday Edition

Guess who's having a birthday today?  That's right kids our glorious El Guapo celebrates the anniversary of his entry into the earth today and this Betty is ready to celebrate with him!  It being the sixth day of the twelfth month, I have decided to honor El Guapo with seventy-two words (not including these) in celebration of his Guapy goodness! (Did you notice I did math there?  Be impressed.  Seriously.  I did multiplication for Guap's birthday.  That never happens.  I am as math-challenged as they get.  This is a big deal!  But I digress...)

Mi Amigo, El Guapo
The Tweeting Trifectan tantalizing, taunting, teasing with tidbits from his kitchen each weekend during the #SundayNightCookoff.
The audio afficionado, adapting, amplifying, availing himself of every opportunity to broaden his musical horizons and share what he has learned.
The enthusiastic energizer, encouraging, inspiring, entreating others to follow their dreams and keep going when they are ready to quit.
My adventure-seeking, mischief-making, beer-drinking, skillet-wielding, word-smithing, hooper-loving friend, Guap.

What should Guap and Betty's new cooking show be called? free polls 

That brings us to the end of this edition of Betty Foolishness.  I leave you with two of The Greats in the hope that one day, in their spirit, I might share the kitchen with The Great El Guapo, himself.  Until then, long live the #SundayNightCookoff!

Happy Birthday, Guap!  Hope you and The Most Wonderful Girl in the World have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for making our world a better place just by being in it!


  1. OMG I have not even thought of that song in ages!

    Happy Birthday, Chef Guapo!

  2. Great job, Amy. I want tickets to the pilot episode of this show. I promise to be all "OOH" and "AH" and infomercialy to get the crowd going.

    Happy birthday, Guapo ...

  3. I'm requesting a seat at that table! Good work with your math skills too! Loving all the fun post.

  4. I would definitely watch a show called drunks in the kitchen... Not sure about giving you knives though....

    1. We are professionals, L&L we can handle our liquor (hiccup) and slice, dice, chop, mince, and julienne with the best of them. Unless they are onions, then I might be crying too hard to cut well. That could be entertaining, too, though.

  5. This was fantastic! Thank you so much!!!
    (The fact that you did math only makes it more special!)

    I think for our show, we should drink a while, then just sort of mosey into restaurant kitchens. "A Culinary Stumbling with Betty and Guap"
    But Blarney Seder is running a really close second!

  6. I love that idea!
    So glad you enjoyed the post. We all had such a good time doing this for you. My friend you have done so much for so many of us.
    Love and light,

  7. Wow ... hats off to one of the wordiest tributes I've seen of our honoree. Love the cooking show idea ... so I'll share one of my favorite clips.

    1. Holy snot, AFA!'that is priceless!!! I love Ted! Where did you find that?