Saturday, September 22, 2012

Check out Dr. Betty Fashion Plate

So get this!  Dr. Betty, TheSmartPrettyFreakishlyTallOne, was stopped on the street yesterday by a fashion blogger and asked if she would like to be featured on her blog!  Now, y'all should know that Dr. Betty has been our resident fashionista for longer than we care to remember, so this is a really big deal!

The woman can raise a child, write a doctoral dissertation, cheer on that damn college football team that she and TheSmartPrettyOne so rabidly worship, knock back cocktails that would blind a weaker person, and throw together an outfit like nobody's business.  She is The Total Betty Package!  And now she has finally been singled out by a total stranger for her fabulous fashion sense!
We always knew she was a star. It's about damn time the rest of the world figured it out!

Thank you, JacksonvilleLooks for showing our Betty to the rest of the world.

Rock on with your fancy self, Betty!


  1. Dr. Betty always was a fashion plate. When I grow up, I will be just like her!!

    1. You and I both will, under her faithful tutelage. Thank goodness she is around to take care of us.