Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bad Crushin'

‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt#2

"Tell us in 57 words or less about your biggest celebrity crush from childhood. Or, you know, now. Either way."

My mad, crazy crush is The Edge, of U2 fame.
Sadly, I'm afraid he has yet to know my name.
He wakes me every morning, top down, with his first note
Cranking "Bad" at full volume, driving to work by rote.
Although 'tis true, we may never meet,
Playing his music, my dreams will always be sweet.


  1. I like that you made this into a poem. So glad you came back to link up with us!

    1. I couldn't resist the rhyme. Once it popped into my head, I just had to go with it. I have heard he's been known to say, "But I still haven't found what I'm looking for." so I'm pretty sure I still have a chance. Right?

  2. I love that quote from U2. YOU are why he is "still" "looking!" :)

    Great entry. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love your poem. The guitar players in the bands were always the quiet cuties. Nice pick!

    I'm visiting from Ketchup With Us.

  4. doh! love the band no idea about the guy! sorry i'm clueless hehe =) stopping through from Ketchup With Us! =) have a great week!

  5. Thank you for not picking Parker Stephenson.

    Good one!
    For about a year, every concert I went to, one of the band was wearing an Edge-like hat.

  6. I like your poetic form.

    This is a surprise. I've never heard a woman dig on Edge. It's always Bono or Adam Clayton. good one.

    1. Bono and Adam are no slouches, but Edge is too dreamy for words. Have you seen the way he can work a guitar? That speaks volumes, my friend! I have always been a sucker for a man who really knows how to play a guitar. The Edge hits on all cylinders for me. Yummy!