Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Breast Cancer Chronicles: The wanted to stay in bed edition

Some days it is hard to get out of bed. Some days I hurt a lot and just want to sleep. Today was one of those days. But instead of staying in bed I got up, took a shower (That helped a lot!), had lunch with my parents, and then drove myself (HUGE!) to see my puppies at their sleep-away camp. What a treat it was to see them for the first time in over a month! They are doing great, being well trained and well taken care of while I heal. If you have a dog that needs training, check them out here.

Inghram's Sit & Stay

I forgot to take pictures while I visited puppy camp, I was too busy loving on my babies. Got caught in the storm on my way to the car, and came home to a very unhappy completely soaked kitty on the back porch. Cat trapped now, as I type. The rain didn't ruin my hair, so that was cool!

Cat Trapped under a sodden Bitty Kitty
Trying to get back my strength so I can start working again soon.

Thank you for all of the love, support, and encouragement.

Peace, love, and #glovesup