Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Breast Cancer Chronicles: Volume Six, Because sometimes breast cancer just isn't enough...

I woke up yesterday with a searing sore throat. Usually I just suck it up and wait three weeks or so, until I feel like I'd have to get better to die, to go to the doctor. Not this time. My surgery is fourteen days from today, and if I am sick, it won't happen. Unacceptable.

So I went to my regular doctor today, aching all over, throat worse, and head starting to feel full and hot. Try to contain your shock when I say that I have a sinus infection. Welcome to my life. The good news is that I can take the same antibiotics that I will get for pre and post-up, I'll just be on them ten days longer than planned.

I came home and slept for four or five hours AGAIN! Then I got us, had some magic soup, took my meds, and can already barely keep my eyes open.

So thankful for the white tea that arrived today to fill me with antioxidants. Thank you to my college friend who was so very thoughtful. It is making my throat feel better for sure.

Be kind, be well, be rested, and be restored. Our job is to leave the world a better place that it was when we got here. We can do that one breath, one positive thought, one act of kindness at a time.


(Too sleepy to go back and proof this again, so please forgive any typos.)

More peace.


  1. You are so strong, my friend! This is so like you... providing positive messages for others while trying to stay positive yourself! You are a blessing to all!!

  2. Hey, never knock an opportunity for soup!

    1. Never have, and never will, Guap! xoxoxo