Sunday, August 4, 2013

BRF Ketchup With Us #23

Our dear friends,  Mel and Michele have recently returned from BlogHer13 in Chicago and, after watching the most hilarious video there, created this super easy #KetchupWithUs prompt. Be sure to push play only when the kids are in the other room, or the sound is turned down fairly low, as it deals with the age old affliction of "Bitchy Resting Face."


Easiest link-up ever. All we want is a picture. Give us your best bi***/a**hole resting face. Blog-less? Email it to 

and we'll create a post of these entries. Want to remain anonymous? Find one in a magazine. Models are notoriously plagued with this disease.

Being the oh-so-friendly Betty that I am, I had to go way back to when I had hair to find a good picture for this one, but I think it does the trick. Why, you may ask, did I not just take a new photo? Good question! I asked myself this, too. The answer is that it is Sunday, and my back is spasming, and a big, heavy cat is sleeping on my lap, so clearly I am lazy, and vain, and it was easier to find an old one. Geeze, I should take a picture now! I bet I am making a bitchy face with all that going on in my head! 
Anyway...thanks Michele and Mel! I always love to ketchup with y'all!

My bitchy resting face back when I had hair.


  1. Back when you had hair? You don't need to explain vanity to me, Amy. You really, really don't. :)

    Thanks for playing along with the foolishness.

    1. Too funny! Yes, Michele. I cut off all my hair and donated it last year after my accident. I spent a month in bed with it driving me crazy, making me hot and uncomfortable. That made me feel like an ungrateful bitch because it is great hair, and people who have lost their hair would love to have mine. So as soon as I was allowed up and out of the house I had it cut off and donated it to make wigs. Now mine is super short and I love it, and someone who needed it has a great wig!

  2. Hey! Great picture. I wouldn't mess with you if you had this face on when we met. :)

    Thanks for playing along!

    1. Thanks, Mel!
      I am sure I would never be wearing that face around you, I've see your BRF!